Voisins Brand Advertising

The Brief:

One of Jersey's oldest department stores, Voisins required a new brand campaign and advertising direction for their store. They needed a positional advertising campaign that broadly encompassed the store and used a wide mix of media including television, press, radio and in-store, to focus on quality and value for money and establish Voisins as a fashion retailer with its finger on the pulse.


David Elliot, Managing Director of Voisins, said, "The dynamic, original and cutting edge style of TPA's 'Any Excuse' campaign exceed all our expectations and was like nothing we had ever seen before."

Additional info:

In addition, we were asked to create specific Christmas press and TV adverts for the campaign.

The result:

The campaign was very well received both internally and externally. 

David Elliot commented:

"TPA were willing to go beyond that by taking a risk, being edgy and pushing the boundaries - interpreting the brief in both a humorous and provocative way.

Their 'Any Excuse' idea was so imaginative, yet simple, easy to identify with an powerful that we were able to run with the creative of their original pitch with no change whatsoever.

The strength of the campaign is that it is a concept which translates easily into all the mediums whether television, radio, in-store or press and it has tremendous potential and longevity which will ensure that the concept can be used by Voisins into the future. It also inspired our own staff and engaged the public, gaining instant support and enthusiasm."