Tuli Conservation Trust

The situation

The Tuli Conservation Trust was established to protect and enhance the Northern Tuli Game Reserve; a 72,000-hectare area (that’s just over 10 times the size of Guernsey) in Botswana.

The reserve is an area of stunning beauty with huge vistas of majestic sandstone ridges through to vast open grassland and marshy areas to riverine forests. And as such the ecological biodiversity is very rich. With over 350 bird species, 48 large mammal species totalling over 20,000 animals. Its famous Tuli elephant population is the largest of any African game reserve and it's growing.

But the reserve also provides a major source of employment and opportunity for the local communities that live within and border it. And it is this important relationship between the land, its wildlife and the local communities that Tuli seeks to harmonise, protect and enhance. The key to a successful wildlife conservation mission is the securing of the viable and sustainable co-existence between these elements.

Conservation that builds community.

What we did

To meet new objectives, Tuli needed to reach out and engage with a wider audience and compete head to head with other more established wildlife trusts. This prompted them to reconsider how they presented themselves, starting with their brand & website.

While Tuli is focussed on preserving a specific place, a unique habitat, our brand work uncovered the underlying purpose of the organisation - to bring a happy harmony between inhabitants and nature. It's conversation with community as its object and outcome. It's this remarkable story that we set out to tell through a new communications framework, brand rationale (and design) and website.


  • Discovery & project definition
  • Branding (including linocut work)
  • Information architecture design
  • Responsive web design & development
  • Content management implementation
  • Functionality / tool development



  • Umbraco

The results

A refined new visual aesthetic and elegant, content managed website that brings to life the Tuli story digitally. View the site.