The Decider

The situation

For decades, mental health therapy has focused on intervention and remediation. Growing pressures on mental health care professionals from substantial increases in diagnoses, and a radically changed set of risks for our young people, demands new thinking.

The Decider is all about helping people navigate the challenging emotions that are the trigger to so many mental health problems. It teaches a skillful and intentional approach to emotional response that young people and adults can find within themselves. It’s proactive mental health. It advocates getting in front of the problems that trigger a need for therapy.

What we did

The Decider came to us with their brilliant set of skills, their compelling delivery and a wealth of teaching resources, but an urgent need to be positioned accurately and accessibly. Our new brand for The Decider neatly encapsulates what they do: devise winning strategies for mental health. While our creative brand expression distils the effect of those strategies - illustrating self-controlled emotional response. 

In order to navigate the many potential applications of The Decider’s cognitive, behavioural skills and the rich resources for classrooms, therapeutic contexts and self-help, we built the Decider a brand, new website carefully architected to introduce the concept of a proactive approach to mental health, and encourage journeys through therapeutic and educational applications of this novel concept. 


  • Discovery & project definition
  • Branding
  • Information architecture design
  • Responsive web design & development
  • Content management implementation
  • Functionality / tool development



  • Umbraco

The results

A website that draws vitality and simplicity out of a complex subject matter, and supports The Decider as a business through great management tools and easy-to-use customer areas. View the site.