Made in Guernsey 1

The Brief:

Livingroom Guernsey are passionate about their island. They wanted us to design and produce a magazine that celebrates the many glorious facets of island life, explores the island's history, and introduces readers to the many varied characters that make up the island's parishes and businesses.


We commissioned established Guernsey photographer, Simon Boucher-Harris, to capture many of the beautiful images used in the publication.

What We Did:

Printed on sustainably-sourced paper, the beautifully designed 192 page magazine was well received and set a new standard for island publications. It was distributed to Open Market residents, businesses and Guernsey hotels.


Simon Torode, director of Livingroom Guernsey, commented, " The name, Made in Guernsey, reflects our desire to promote our island through positive media. We love Guernsey and truly believe that those of us who live here are blessed. As well as celebrating island life, we hope that Made in Guernsey will be a shining example of the diversity and vibrancy of our island to an international audience."

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