LMA Switch Campaign

The Brief:

LMA needed a campaign to promote their second generation LMA Supreme anaesthesia device. The client expressed an interest in doing something 'different' that would make their competitors stand up and take notice.

What we did:

The advertising needed to refer directly to medical research outlining the benefits of this second generation device. This was a substantial amount of information to impart. Our solution was to invite readers to scan the qr code and place their smartphones over the mouths of the individuals in the adverts. The individuals then outlined the benefits of the product as they were talking.

This was a complex process to film and photograph so that everything matched. And with German & Italian versions required too, we had to source a number of actors for the roles of patients and doctors.

The Results:

The campaign launched successfully in Australia, North America and Europe.

The specially commissioned photography was produced by local Jersey photographer Danny Evans and the videos produced Spike Productions.