LMA Supreme™ Confidence Campaign

The Brief:

We were given free rein to come up with an eye-catching viral campaign for a medical device that promotes ‘greater confidence’ in the anaesthetist using it. An escaped tiger was the perfect answer.

What we did:

We approached Hollywood stuntman Randy Miller, famed for his work as Russell Crowe's stunt double in Gladiator and as his Tiger sanctuary, to act out the role of an anaesthetist who bravely tackles an escaped tiger and manages to return them to safety.

The tongue in cheek video was shot in a day in Randy's Tiger sanctuary in California.

Additional information:

As part of the campaign we also produced a mock newspaper containing stories about anaesthetists acting confidently in dramatic situations. The newspaper, The Supreme, was distributed at exhibition centres along with disposable cling prints that were distributed in and around exhibition centres that encouraged people to view the tiger video.