Jersey Post 2018 Christmas Campaign

The Brief:

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Jersey Post. This year, our challenge was to create a memorable campaign that would highlight the important role Jersey Post plays at this time of year. Our chosen concept this year, was snow globes. We began by sketching three separate scenes to tell the story of Christmas from the perspective of Jersey Post:

A quirky imaginary Parcel delivery machine, churning out wrapped parcels.

A Jersey Post office electric van driving at night around a distinctive Martello Tower.

A homely, Christmas tree scene with parcels delivered ready for Christmas morning.

The Results:

Our in-house cinema 4D modeller created three beautiful works of art in their own right. Each snow globe lovingly detailed so that each time you look closely, you discover more to wonder at. As well as creating the static images in a variety of angles, we animated each globe individually for use online and in-store.