Ipes FATCA Launch Campaign

The Brief:

As a leading European provider of fund administration and outsourcing services to the Private Equity industry, Ipes required a campaign to launch their new FATCA Tax Information Exchange service line and demonstrate their knowledge of the impact of the legislation to the fund industry. The objective was to deliver a heavy-weight campaign and clever creative standout to flood the market early and secure a competitive advantage.

What we did:

Using the industry publication Real Deals as the launchpad, the campaign was spread over three issues in various formats. The first issue featured an extensive 4pp cover wrap, highlighting important services and benefits of utilising Ipes. The following month a special format DPS advert was used. For the last insertion, a post-it note was applied to the cover reminding companies of the impending FATCA deadline and acting as a teaser to turn inside where they had a full-page advert promoting the new service line.


'Well done for breathing some life into the pedestrian world of private equity marketing!' Steven Randell, Publishing Director, Real Deals Magazine