Jersey Stamps Flockdown Animation

How a set of stamps became a cultural record of the pandemic

During the COVID-19 lockdown, people stayed at home to stay safe and save lives. With no cars on the roads and no people to disturb them, wildlife like the birds outside Berni’s window, became braver, and the birdsong became clearer and louder. So every day during Jersey’s lockdown, Berni Martin took out a box of paints gifted to her by a friend and spent a few minutes creating, sketching, and painting a colourful bird. She did this every day for 100 days, numbering each one as she went. The result is a collection of 100 wonderfully colourful birds, each with its own special character and each a symbol of hope and freedom. These paintings formed the basis of a beautiful new issue for Jersey Stamps.

Our task was to bring these stamps and the story behind them to life, in this sweet, charming animation.

The results

Just one week after first appearing online the video achieved the following:


  • A 100% increase in Jersey Stamps website traffic on the first day
  • Over 22,000 people reached after 1 week
  • Over 1,600 engagements
  • Shared over 50 times
  • A Chinese subtitled version created