Fetch Brand Launch Campaign

The Brief:

As a new sub-business under the Jersey Post Group umbrella, Fetch needed to make a significant impact at a crucial time for the home delivery market. As the pandemic hit, the demand for home delivery services grew rapidly and far exceeded supply.

This was an excellent opportunity for TPA's long-standing client Jersey Post to branch into a newly created market space, but to do this; time was of the essence. We were asked to create a fast-track brand awareness campaign that ensured the message was clear island-wide to both individuals and businesses who could benefit from the service.

Acquired as a relatively new reactive start-up business, Fetch consisted of an online platform that arranged delivery from local retail and hospitality businesses to consumers on-island. Although the key objectives were to increase awareness of the new service and increase online conversions, there was also an underlying need to re-enforce Jersey Posts’ position as a committed local brand in light of their recent global growth.

Firstly, we adjusted the company name from Fetch to Fetch.je to help localise the brand further and reinforce the online nature of the business. The creative took on the persona of a friendly character: Max the Dog, with apparent alignments in the company name Fetch and what Dogs are the best known for, the campaign messaging was clear, and the relationship between the copy and imagery was seamless and obvious to consumers. The introduction of an endearing character also helped reinforce Fetch and Jersey Post’s perceived image as friendly and reliable.

Max represents the company’s good-hearted nature, apparent in Jersey Posts commitment to supporting the island through the pandemic with new and innovative business and consumer solutions.

What we did:

Amid a lot of negativity and worry on TV and social media, the campaign gained standout by being lighthearted and fun. This multi-channel campaign was rolled-out across traditional media such as radio, print, TV and out of home, and digital mediums such as social media and email. We used varied messaging throughout the campaign to ensure that we resonated with segmented demographics available via these channels.

The Results:

The campaign successfully achieved a 13-fold increase in turn-over as a result.