Jacksons Approved Used Campaign

The Brief:

The Channel Island’s leading motor group, Jacksons, wanted to stand apart from all other car dealerships in terms of their Used Car offering. Their brief was to communicate the key benefits a customer would get when buying a second-hand car from them versus their competitors.

What we did:

Using a multi-channel approach which included social media animations, Google Display adverts, email marketing, press adverts and point of sale, we developed a highly visual concept to show the key selling points of buying an 'Approved Used’ car from Jacksons. The concept was based around the fact that 2 vehicles may look the same at first glance, but if you purchase with Jacksons then you'll receive the real peace of mind that the car comes with added value and quality assurance.

The Results:

This sustained campaign was further developed using various car models and provided Jacksons with campaign assets with the longevity to promote their premium brand values and to keep them in the mind of their target markets. The campaign received very positive engagement both online and offline and continues to help enhance the brand perception of the motor group.