Appleby Brand Guidelines

The Brief:

Appleby is one of the world's leading offshore firms, delivering law and fiduciary services to a rapidly expanding client base worldwide.

Their rapid growth meant that a comprehensive set of brand guidelines needed to be produced for nearly 800 staff around their 12 global locations.


'What the agency created was much more than just a selection of design rules and regulations.' said Sarah Stone, Global Communications Manager at Appleby. 'They really brought to life our brand values through a fresh and modern style/ colour palette which conveyed the true essence of Appleby.'

The result:

The resulting 68 page detailed document successfully outlined and established a unified brand for Appleby. The document was rolled out to the global staff in the company's 12 global locations.

Sarah Stone commented, 'We were really pleased with the result and are grateful for the hard work and dedication from the TPA team who went the extra mile for us on several occasions. This was a really worthwhile exercise , and TPA has provided us with an impressive guide to help us deliver the visual elements of our future marketing.'