Airtel Vodafone Islander Plan

The brief:

As the latest entrant into the islands’ telecoms market, Airtel-Vodafone, has always looked to challenge the status quo. Being the worlds 4th largest telecom brand doesn't necessarily guarantee you rapid local success. The island telecom market is a surprisingly hard nut to crack—saturated, highly competitive, and with an audience considered apathetic to operators' charms.

Staying true to their disruptive form; Airtel-Vodafone's brief was to launch a sector busting “Islander Plan” that broke the mould for value for money. The plan's offering included an unlimited data and calls package set at a staggeringly low £14.99 price point ( the competition was offering contracts nearing £40 a month!). So if any deal were going to shift island market share dynamics, it would be this one.

Our challenge was to make it incredibly relevant to islanders while keeping it aligned with the Vodafone's global positioning statement “The Future is Exciting… Ready?”

So, what about the future is exciting for islanders?

In the most part, the reasons are the same for many people in the developed world. However, as an Islander, we found the real value lay in connectivity. Telecoms' ability to connect people with whom they love and what they love, regardless of whether they are in the Channel Islands or further afield. It was this that we wanted to feature heavily in the campaign. A grandmother baking over video call with her grandchildren, a fan live streaming their favourite band from Glastonbury or a mother just being able to help her son at uni put a wash on!

It was also essential to let behaviours lead the communications as telecoms brands have increasingly seen an indifference for their services. Evidence suggests that consumers see networks as a necessary evil, not a highly valued enabler, to their modern lifestyle of content consumption. The Islander Plan campaign had to put Airtel-Vodafone firmly in front of island audiences' minds. 

Fine-tuning relevance

Undertaking demographic segmentation enabled us to dig down into island-specific behaviours for different types of mobile users. We then incorporated the global Vodafone look and feel to shoot new locally-focused brand assets featuring islanders using their phones to connect them to who and what they love most - from reading the news at the local yacht club to streaming workouts by the beach. We demonstrated how Airtel-Vodafone was a big global brand that could see through an islander lens.  It showed our understanding of how islanders want to use and enjoy their mobile technology, and at a price that made the decision to switch a 'no-brainer'.

By utilising localised imagery and hyper-targeted messaging, our campaign rolled out across traditional and digital media channels. This enabled us to engage with each of our audiences with relevant messaging, driving them to a dedicated campaign landing pages that encouraged offline and online conversions.

And switch they did.

The campaign saw a 20% uplift in plan applications.