This year’s Guernsey IOD Debate focused on the challenges of climate change both internationally and domestically. Given the importance of this issue facing us all, we were glad to be involved as design and app sponsors.

Briefed with creating the overall event branding, video content and a programme for the evening, we inventively fulfilled the IOD’s requirements while keeping true to the ethos of the night.

A traditional paper programme seemed incongruent with the discussion of climate change and so our team created a mobile web app with full mobile and swipe capabilities. The app was prototyped and built on Quasar in a matter of weeks.

Attendees could access the web app on their phone to view a timeline of the evening, messages from sponsors, as well as speeches from key speakers. Audience participation was facilitated by prompts to connect on Twitter and LinkedIn with #IoDGsyDebate, which was then broadcast on screen at the event.

We are glad to have been able to be a part of such a crucial discussion on climate change, and use our out of the box approach to allow the event branding to properly reflect both the values of the evening and professionalism of the IOD.

View the app here (designed specifically for mobile):