Here at TPA, we like to make sure our clients and partners always have the best advice in order to grow. While we know that pandemics and economic downturns are scary times for many individuals and businesses, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (no matter how far away that may seem!) and it helps to be ready for when the market springs back to life.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our 6 top tips for brands during the COVID-19 crisis, to help you come out in a strong position on the other side:

1. Move your spend online

It goes without saying, but with a lockdown in place there are fewer people on the streets to look at outdoor and bus-side advertising, and more people at home on their phones and computers. Move your messaging to the channels where they’re spending their time. Think digital.

2. Don’t disappear

Research shows that those brands who continue to invest in economic downturns tend to come out the other side in a better position than those who don’t. Obviously messaging is of extreme importance – you don’t want to be shouting about the Sale in your showroom when nobody can visit – but businesses who push out brand comms in a recession have greater visibility in a less crowded marketplace and help to instil confidence in consumers that they’re in a strong position and will be around for the long haul.

3. Be honest, be clear

It’s a troubling and confusing time for everyone, so the last thing we as businesses should be doing is shying away from consumer conversations. Use owned channels to let your customers know what’s going on with your products and services, and how your operations are affected by the crisis. They will appreciate the openness, and will be less likely to become frustrated if you’re not delivering in the same way you were before lockdown measures came into force.

4. Think about the future

Customers have a long memory, and the way businesses and brands act now during the crisis will not be forgotten easily. Hiking prices on essential goods or looking to make a quick buck out of people is not a wise move. Those brands that demonstrate socially responsible behaviour will build trust with consumers which should last longer than the virus.

5. Use this time wisely

Got a rebrand you’ve been putting off? Need to update all the content on your website? Use this time of relative inactivity to get your house in order and move forward with projects you’ve had sitting on the backburner. This way, they won’t get pushed to the back of the pile once business gets back to usual.

6. Look for an opportunity to entertain

With all the doom and gloom of the current situation, a lot of your customers are probably sat at home needing a pick-me-up. Brands who surprise and delight by adding a little brevity into their social channels can be just the thing they need to brighten the mood.

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